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    IFS Therapy Alberta

    Appointments available online across Alberta and in-person in Grande Prairie. Take the first step here.

    Transform Your Life with Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

    What qualities do you look for in a therapist? Compassion, understanding, non-judgement, someone who can make you feel better? What if I could teach you how to do this yourself? Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy offers a path where you can do just that. IFS is a non-pathologizing (meaning we don’t talk diagnoses, not all the time anyway) psychotherapy that recognizes the natural multiplicity of the mind (for example, I’m different at work than I am at home, and different giving a speech in public, compared to talking with my friends). IFS is an evidence-based practice treating a range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction.

    The Core Concepts of IFS: Self and Parts

    • The Self: At the heart of IFS is the concept of the Self, the pure essence of who you are, inherently good and whole. Being ‘Self-led’ is characterized by the ‘8 Cs’: Curiosity, Calm, Clarity, Connectedness, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, and Compassion. As therapy progresses, the ‘5 Ps’ of Self also emerge: Presence, Persistence, Perspective, Playfulness, and Patience. These qualities reflect a healthy, integrated Self.
    • The Parts: IFS views the mind as composed of various ‘parts’ or subpersonalities, each with their beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. These parts act from a place of positive intention. However, when they feel threatened, they might act out to protect the system. The goal of IFS is to bring these parts into harmony with the Self, helping the person become more Self-led and balanced.

    Goals of IFS Therapy 

    The primary goals of IFS Therapy are to liberate parts from roles they have been forced into, restore faith in self-leadership, re-harmonize the inner system, and encourage self-led interactions with the world. This approach helps individuals understand and heal the parts of themselves that are in pain, leading to a cohesive and integrated self.

    Session Structure and Timeline

     IFS therapy sessions typically last 50 to 80 minutes and can be conducted both in-person and online. The cost per session ranges from $160 to $240, and the treatment timeline varies depending on your specific issues.

    IFS Therapy offers a unique and effective approach to psychotherapy, focusing on understanding and integrating the different parts of the psyche. It empowers individuals to become self-led, fostering qualities like compassion and understanding within themselves. With its application in individual therapy, IFS provides a path to holistic healing and emotional resilience.

    Appointments available online across Alberta and in-person in Grande Prairie. Take the first step here.